Threads App Improvements and Decline in User Numbers


What is Threads? Threads is a social media app developed by Meta (formerly known as Facebook). It was launched with basic features to connect users with their close friends and followers, allowing them to share posts and updates in a private setting.

Threads App Improvements and Decline in User Numbers

Recent Improvements Meta has made some much-needed improvements to Threads based on user feedback. One of the significant updates is the addition of a “Following feed.” This feed displays posts only from the accounts that a user follows, in chronological order. Previously, Threads showed posts from both followed accounts and random accounts, making it difficult to see posts only from close friends.

Other updates include the ability to translate posts into different languages, a follow button to easily follow back your followers, better notification filters, and quicker approval of new followers for private accounts.

Drop in User Numbers Despite the improvements, Threads has experienced a significant decline in active users since its launch. Within a week of its debut, the app attracted over 100 million users, making it the fastest-growing app at the time. However, sustaining that initial interest has been challenging, leading to a 70% drop in active daily users.

Possible Reasons for Decline Several reasons might explain the decline in active use:

  1. Missing Features: Some users who were hoping for an alternative to other social media platforms were disappointed by the lack of certain key features on Threads.
  2. Overcrowded Social Media Landscape: With various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and more, users might be spread thin, limiting the time and interest they can dedicate to each platform.
  3. Integration: Many websites offer icons to share content directly on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Threads lacks this type of integration, making it less convenient for users to share content from other sources.

Despite the challenges, the Threads team remains optimistic about building a strong community on the platform and may continue to make improvements to attract and retain users.

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