Overwatch 2 Story Missions Review: Are They Worth the $15 Price Tag?

In Overwatch 2’s recent expansion, Invasion, players can now embark on engaging story missions as part of the PvE experience. However, the $15 price for the Invasion bundle has led to discussions about whether the content justifies the cost.


Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

Engaging Story Missions:

  1. Vivid Settings: Invasion’s story missions transport players to diverse locations, each intricately designed and visually stunning.
  2. Emotional Depth: The missions are emotionally charged, with one example involving an Omnic defense against the terrorist organization Null Sector.
  3. Distinctive Gameplay: The missions introduce a unique blend of action, strategy, and narrative, setting them apart from traditional PvP modes.

Higher Quality PvE:

  1. Revamped AI: Invasion’s missions showcase revamped enemy AI, making engagements more challenging and less predictable.
  2. Bespoke Battles: The missions are carefully crafted with bespoke battles that require players to strategize and adapt.
  3. Challenging Experience: Players must adjust their tactics to overcome the AI’s aggressiveness, resulting in a rewarding gameplay experience.

Gameplay Challenges:

  1. Strategic Adaptation: Players encounter enemies with less predictable behavior, necessitating quick thinking and adaptive strategies.
  2. Destructible Limb System: Unique mechanics, such as the destructible limb system, add complexity and diversity to encounters.

Character Depth and Lore:

  1. Character Development: Story missions delve into character backgrounds, adding depth to heroes like Sojourn.
  2. Expanded Perspectives: Voice lines and an in-game lore codex provide insights into characters’ viewpoints, enriching the Overwatch universe.

Replayability and Length:

  1. Varied Playthroughs: The missions offer different challenges and narrative elements, encouraging multiple playthroughs.
  2. Duration Consideration: Some players may find the missions relatively short, especially on lower difficulty levels.

Value Assessment:

  1. Bundle Inclusions: The $15 Invasion bundle offers permanent access to story missions, in-game currency, a legendary skin, and access to a new hero.
  2. Cost Efficiency: The inclusion of in-game currency may make the bundle more appealing, particularly for players interested in other in-game purchases.

Player Reactions:

  1. Subjective Evaluation: The value of the $15 price tag depends on players’ preferences and priorities, considering factors like previous spending on cosmetics and battle passes.
  2. Diverse Responses: Some players may view the missions as a worthwhile investment due to their engaging content, while others might consider alternative ways to spend in-game currency.


Invasion’s story missions elevate Overwatch 2’s PvE experience with their engaging narratives, revamped AI, and distinctive gameplay. While the cost’s worth is subjective, these missions offer a fresh and immersive perspective on the Overwatch universe for players to explore and enjoy.

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