OpenAI vs Google 2023

There’s a bit of a rivalry going on between two big AI companies, OpenAI and Google. OpenAI is known for creating ChatGPT, an AI that can have conversations with people, while Google is working on a new AI called Gemini.

Some researchers wrote a blog post saying that Google’s upcoming AI, Gemini, is much better than OpenAI’s latest version, GPT-4. They claim that Gemini has access to really powerful computer chips, which makes it perform much better in terms of calculations.

OpenAI and Google

The OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, didn’t like this claim. He said the researchers are basically just promoting Google and that their analysis is just marketing for Google.

Gemini is a new kind of AI being developed by Google’s AI division. It’s expected to be released later this year and is meant to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4.

The researchers got their information about Gemini’s performance from a supplier of Google’s, not directly from Google itself. This led to a bit of a back-and-forth argument between the researchers and OpenAI’s CEO.

People who follow developments in AI are discussing whether having more powerful computer chips automatically means the AI will be better. Some say that other factors like the quality of training data and the training process itself also play a big role.

Although OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been around longer and is well-known, other companies like Meta are also entering the field with their own AI models like Llama 2. Gemini’s release in 2023 might be a significant moment in the progress of AI models.

Some people are skeptical of the researchers’ claims about Gemini being so much better than GPT-4. They say that while Gemini might be more powerful, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s five times better in terms of quality.

In the end, people are waiting to see how things unfold. They think that 2024 will be an interesting year to see if these predictions hold true.

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