Buffalo Bills’ Coach McDermott Identifies Key Concerns After Loss

After their recent loss to the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott took a close look at what went wrong in the game. In a candid assessment, McDermott highlighted several key areas of concern that the team needs to address heading into their next game against the Las Vegas Raiders. These concerns include turnovers, punt coverage issues, and defensive struggles against the run. McDermott also praised quarterback Josh Allen for taking responsibility for his mistakes. In this analysis, we’ll break down McDermott’s observations in simple terms.


Buffalo Bills' Coach McDermott
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  • Turnovers Troubled the Bills: After reviewing the game, Coach Sean McDermott pointed out that turnovers were a major issue for the Buffalo Bills in their loss to the New York Jets. Specifically, they had three turnovers in the second half, and these mistakes made it very difficult for them to win the game. Turnovers mean giving the ball to the other team, which often leads to them scoring points.
  • Josh Allen’s Accountability: McDermott praised his quarterback, Josh Allen, for taking responsibility for the turnovers. Allen publicly admitted that he made mistakes and said it was his fault. This is seen as a positive sign of leadership because it shows that Allen is willing to own up to his errors and work to fix them.
  • Analyzing the Turnovers: McDermott mentioned that when they looked closely at the three interceptions thrown by Josh Allen, there wasn’t a single clear reason for these mistakes. However, some of the situations where these interceptions happened were similar. In simple terms, Allen was trying to throw the ball down the field, sometimes when they needed to gain a lot of yards and sometimes when they didn’t need as many. This suggests that Allen may have been trying too hard to make big plays.
  • Punt Return Touchdown: McDermott also talked about the game-winning touchdown that the Jets scored on a punt return. He explained that their punt coverage team didn’t perform well. When you kick the ball to the middle of the field during a punt, it’s risky because the returner has many options on where to run. McDermott said they should have kicked the ball closer to the sideline or pinned the returner near the numbers on the field. He emphasized that this mistake involved multiple players, not just one person.
  • Run Defense Struggles: The Bills’ defense had trouble stopping the Jets from running the ball. They allowed an average of 6.1 yards per rush, which is quite high. McDermott identified the main problem as poor gap integrity, which means that players in the defense didn’t maintain their positions and responsibilities well. This allowed the Jets to gain a lot of yards on the ground.
  • Preparing for the Raiders: Looking ahead to their next game against the Las Vegas Raiders, McDermott emphasized that they need to improve their physicality when defending against the run. He wants his players to be more aggressive at the point where the opposing team tries to run the ball. McDermott also stressed the importance of using their hands effectively to get past blockers and make tackles. These are key areas they plan to work on as they continue with the season.

In summary, the Bills faced multiple challenges in their last game, including turnovers, punt coverage issues, and struggles in defending against the run. Coach McDermott is focusing on addressing these problems as they prepare for their upcoming game against the Raiders.

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