Best Businesses to Start in Florida 2023

Florida, with its vibrant mix of cultures, robust population, and thriving infrastructure, stands as a promising canvas for budding entrepreneurs. Its business-friendly environment, coupled with ample banking and investment resources, fosters an atmosphere of innovation and growth. The Sunshine State’s diverse landscapes, from bustling urban centers to serene coastal retreats, create a fertile ground for a multitude of ventures. As we delve into the following sections, we’ll explore eight enticing business opportunities that align with Florida’s dynamic economic landscape, each offering unique prospects for success and growth.


1. Start a Food Truck/Restaurant

Best Businesses to Start in Florida

  • Florida is a diverse place with many cultures, making it a great spot for new and unique food ideas.
  • You can choose between starting a food truck (a moving restaurant on wheels) or a traditional restaurant.
  • Food trucks are cool because they can go to different places, but it can be tricky to find good spots.
  • Restaurants need more money and people to run, but they’re stable if you find a good location.
  • People are getting interested in eating more plant-based foods, like veggie burgers.
  • Some cities in Florida, like Orlando, make it easy to start a food truck business.
  • Starting a food truck might need around $30,000 to $50,000, while a restaurant could need from $175,500 to $750,500.
  • People love eating out, so this could be a tasty opportunity!

2. Start a Real Estate Business

Best Businesses to Start in Florida

  • Florida is growing a lot, with around 900 new people every day. They need homes and businesses need places to be.
  • Real estate means buying and selling properties like houses, offices, and stores.
  • In 2020, real estate sales went up by almost 9%, which is a lot of money ($12.2 billion)!
  • You can start your own real estate business for less than $1,000.
  • It’s like helping people find their dream homes and making money at the same time!

3. Start a Microbrewery BusinessBest Businesses to Start in Florida

  • Microbreweries make small batches of special beer. Florida has room for more of these cool places.
  • People in Florida really like craft beer, but there aren’t as many breweries as in some other states.
  • Starting one can cost a lot, maybe around $100,000 or more, and it’s a bit complicated because of the rules.
  • You need a good plan, like deciding if you’ll sell your beer in your place or in other stores.
  • Even though it’s competitive, people still want new and tasty beers!

4. Start a Nail Salon

Best Businesses to Start in Florida

  • People love making their nails look pretty. In Florida, this is a big deal, and it’s growing!
  • You can start a nail salon with around $75,000 to $125,000 for equipment.
  • Remember to follow the safety rules, especially because of things like COVID-19.
  • Young people often go to nail salons, so it’s good if you like talking and helping them feel nice.

5. Start a Grocery Store

Best Businesses to Start in Florida

  • Grocery stores sell food and stuff people use every day. They can make money, but you need to be smart.
  • There are big stores and small ones. Small ones can make more money compared to their size.
  • Starting a store needs a lot of permission and might cost around $500,000 or more.
  • It’s like having your own shop where people come to buy things they need!

6. Start a Hotel or MotelBest Businesses to Start in Florida

  • A hotel is a big building where people can stay overnight when they’re on a trip.
  • In 2020, because of COVID-19, it was hard for hotels, but things are getting better.
  • You can start a hotel on your own or join a bigger group. Some places are better than others for this.
  • Even though it might be tough at the start, when more people travel, you can make good money!

7. Start an Automotive Repair ShopBest Businesses to Start in Florida

  • Cars need fixing sometimes, and that’s what auto repair shops do. Florida has lots of cars, so this is important.
  • You don’t need a special license, just knowledge about cars.
  • You might need around $50,000 to start, but you can earn more as you get more customers.
  • People always need their cars fixed, so this business can keep you busy!

8. Become a Freelance Writer

Best Businesses to Start in Florida

  • Freelance writers write different things for people or companies. It could be blogs, ads, or even books.
  • You can work from home, and you don’t need much to start—just a computer and internet.
  • Writing can be fun if you like telling stories or explaining things.
  • People always need writing, so if you’re good at it, you can make money while doing what you love!


In the radiant landscape of Florida’s business realm, countless doors of opportunity swing wide open. Whether you’re captivated by the culinary world, enamored with the realm of real estate, or envisioning a microbrewery empire, the possibilities are boundless. With each sunrise, Florida extends its warm embrace to entrepreneurs who dare to dream, innovate, and seize the chances that await. As you contemplate your path forward, remember that the best business to embark upon in Florida is the one that resonates with your passion, aligns with the state’s dynamic trends, and propels you toward a future brimming with accomplishment and prosperity. The Sunshine State beckons, and the stage is set for your entrepreneurial journey to unfold.

Remember, there are even more ideas for businesses in Florida, like taking care of pets, translating languages, making lawns look nice, or selling organic beauty products. Florida is a place where starting a business can be exciting and profitable!

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