Apple’s iPhone 15 Event: What to Expect

Apple's iPhone 15 Event: What to Expect

Event Date Prediction: September 12 or 13

Apple is getting ready to hold its annual event to introduce the new iPhone models. It’s expected to happen on either September 12 or 13, based on information from a reliable source.

Pre-orders and Launch Dates

After the event, people will be able to pre-order the new iPhones starting from September 15. The actual phones will start being available for purchase on September 22, about a week after pre-orders begin.

Why This Timing?

Apple usually likes to have its event in the early part of September. This way, they can release the new iPhones and make a lot of money before the end of the month. This year seems to follow this pattern, even though there might be some challenges in making enough phones.

Carriers and Employee Days Off

Some reports say that employees from phone carriers have been told not to take time off on September 13. This could be because they are expecting a big announcement about a new smartphone. It’s a bit strange because the busiest times for these employees are when people order and buy phones.

Event Day: Tuesday or Wednesday?

Apple often holds its events on Tuesdays, but sometimes they choose Wednesdays. This is usually done to not clash with a holiday called Labor Day in the US. Since this year’s event week doesn’t have Labor Day, it’s likely to be on September 12 (Tuesday), but we can’t rule out September 13 (Wednesday) either.

Invitations and More Rumors

Apple usually sends out invitations to media a week before the event. So, we’ll have to wait a bit to know the official date. But there will likely be more rumors and information coming out over the next month.

What Else to Expect?

Apart from the new iPhones, the event might also showcase the updated Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 models. They could also share final details and launch dates for an update called iOS 17 and other software updates. Maybe there will be a few other announcements too.

So, get ready for Apple’s exciting event where they’ll tell us about the cool new stuff they’ve been working on!

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